Research Outcomes

We develop core electricity technologies

that include error prevention, performance improvement
and reliable equipment, and commercialize them for
greater stability in electricity facility.

We developed technology to test power plant performance for more efficient use of energy, and nano-ceramic coating technique that enhances facility reliability. We continue to make R&D efforts to become a global leader in the field.

Past Projects

Project Period Client/Partners
Greenhouse gas and emission (NOx, PM) reduction for vessel engines 2013. 07. 01 ~ 2014. 05. 31 Korean Register (KR), Small & Medium Business Administration (SMBA)
Design and application of thermal conditioning nano-ceramic coating to air preheater in coal power plant 2013. 11. 01 ~ 2015. 10. 31 Boryeong Power Plant, SMBA, IPTC
Improvement on performance of air ventilation axial-flow fan blade 2014. 06. 27 ~ 2015. 01. 26 Hadong Power Plant, IPTC
Internal detection of heat performance of combined power plant 2014. 01. 06 ~ 2016. 07. 02 Korea District Heating Corporation (KDHC), IPTC, Korea Institute of Plant Engineering & Construction


  • Heating method for
    compressor and turbine blades

    (patent no. 10-1343812)

  • Heating device for
    compressor and turbine blades

    (patent no. 10-1343815)

  • Calculation method for real-time
    supply capacity of generator

    (patent no. 10-1423191)



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