Business Overview

We bring our best technology, experiences and passion to deliver excellent services to our customers.

IPTC provides a wide array of engineering services on power plants including thermal performance test, generator and control System test, and plant commissioning.

01 Thermal Performance Test

· Acceptance performance test

· High-precision thermal performance diagnostics and facility improvement

· Power Plant Thermodynamic Modeling

· Instrument engineering service for performance test

02 Generator and Control System Test

Derivation of Synchromous machine parameters from tests (on the dynamic performance)

PSS field test for electric power system

Tuning test for AVR, GOV

03 Comprehensive Plant Commissioning

· Plant commissioning

· Technical support for commissioning

· Optimal tuning for control facilities (boiler, turbine, generator, BOP)

· Air balancing test & Firing test

· Training commissioning/maintenance engineers

04 Total Energy Solution Consulting

Energy efficiency management and performance tests

Engineering service for power plant control system (boiler, turbine, generator)



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