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IPTC was established on October 19, 2011, based on the business philosophy that we would grow and prosper together with our customers, and make valuable contributions to the world. Since then we have grown to become a highly competent engineering company, and with our core values firmly set on ‘customer satisfaction’, ‘technological innovation’, and ‘ethical management’, we try our best to meet customers’ needs and make a better society through continued innovation.

We have many competent experts in the area of thermal performance test of power plants, who have extensive experiences with boilers, turbines and combined power generation. We strive to provide more accurate and reliable tests using in-house data acquisition system and high-precision equipment.

Our main engineering services include acceptance test for newly built power plants, thermal performance test of power plants in operation, stator leak test, condenser vacuum leak test, air balancing test for boiler ventilation system, and firing tests. Our company is also certified to conduct a mandatory ‘test on technical characteristics of generators’ under the supervision of KPX with a purpose of improving reliability of electric system and maintaining electricity quality, and accordingly test generators and related control systems. Additionally, we provide engineering solutions including diagnosis of related facilities.

As the domestic market becomes saturated, we have turned our eyes to overseas markets and produced tangible outcomes in projects in Vietnam, Indonesia, the Middle East and Africa, thanks to our excellent technological infrastructure.

At IPTC, all employees are committed to achieving continued evolution and growth, driven by our spirit of challenge and innovation. We heavily invest in developing new technologies to provide high value-added services in the areas of improving durability and performance of electric facility, optimizing control system for more stable electric system.

As the old saying “people are all that matter” goes, we make vigorous efforts to attract and nurture talented people, and invest in creating a human-oriented, friendly corporate culture. We support and encourage our employees to enjoy various hobbies like water skiing, mountain climbing, and cultural activities so that we can find inspirations in our surroundings, and communicate better. We also engage in volunteer work helping out underprivileged neighbors and supporting children from poor families.

Going forward, we will make every effort to dynamically move forward with our strong technological capacity, and as CEO of the company, I promise that I will fulfill all my responsibilities and obligations to make our company a highly respected, ethical company.

Please continue to give your support and affection to IPTC as our company becomes a proud global-leading engineering company driven by innovations and entrepreneurship, and a company where people work with a great sense of pride, and a company that is beloved and respected by our clients.

Thank you.




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